Step 1 – Have a Marketing Plan

The first step in the home selling process is to have a solid marketing action plan. Make sure you get a competitive market analysis, that multiple HDR images are taken for marketing materials and that virtual reality tour is offered. Your home should be listed on Greater Tampa MLX system, which makes it accessible to real estate professionals. Marketing materials should include postcards, professional Yard signage, QR code sign rider,and List Hub, which lists your home on over 50 websites. Learn more about our marketing plan.

Step 2 – Research The Housing Market

Research and understand the current market for your home. Find out how much competition you have, what homes have been selling for and current inventory in your area. Find out what the market is for your area.

Step 3 – Set Your Sell Price

Setting your price right the first time, will save you time and money. If you price your home over what the market is willing to pay, buyers will look at other properties and your property could sit for months. Buyers are savvy and with a few clicks they can easily research and educate themselves on what homes are selling for in a specific area. Contact one of our experienced agents for information about what your home is worth.

Step 4 – Reduce Clutter

Remove personal items like photographs, knickknacks and memorabilia. Ask your agent for ideas and enlist friends for an objective assessment of what can be removed and how things can be moved around to better utilize space. Buyers want to walk in and easily envision how the home will look when they move in.

Step 5 – Make Repairs

Making small repairs can make a big impression on buyers. They’ll see the house is well maintained and it’s one less thing the buyer needs to think about. Patch holes in the wall, tighten or replace loose handles, fix leaky faucets, paint walls, etc. Talk to your agent about what repairs should be done before listing your home.

Step 6 – Curb Appeal and Cleaning

Curb appeal is your first impression on buyers, so make it good one. Make sure the yard is well kept, trees and shrubs are trimmed, leaves are raked and grass is mowed. Fresh sod and mulch are relatively inexpensive, but make a big difference in how your place looks. The second impression is when the buyer walks through the door, so make sure your home wows them. Clean the windows inside and out, vacuum, keep the floors clean and make your kitchen and bathrooms sparkle.

Step 7 – Find an Experienced Agent

Selling your home is a big financial decision and picking an agent that will be with you every step of the home selling process is crucial. Go online and read reviews and testimonials , is the broker accredited and in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and interview agents to see what steps they will take to ensure that your home selling process is a smooth one. Contact a Great Blue agent for more information about selling your home.