1) We will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis for your property. This will be used to guide us in the pricing of your property. We will then confirm the price by ordering a professional appraisal for your home. I will reimburse you the cost of this appraisal at the closing table.

2) We will take High Dynamic Range digital photos of the property. These will be used in the preparation of all of our marketing materials.

3) We will produce a virtual tour of your home. This tour will be uploaded to every website that has the capacity to post these tours.

4) We will prepare an estimated sellers net sheet, showing the amount of money that you can expect to receive at closing.

Roll out

1) Your Home will be listed on the Greater Tampa Area MLX system. This will make it available to over 5,000 local real estate professionals. Information on your property will automatically be emailed to every agent that has clients with that are searching for a house like yours.

2) A professional For Sale sign will be posted in the front lawn.

3) We will mail the neighborhood a just listed postcard, letting them know that the house is available for sale.

4) For security purposes, we will install a Supra infrared lock box on the front door. Every time the box is opened, info such as the time of day, and the agents name and contact info will be recorded on the GE website.

Electronic Media

1) Your Home will be posted to the list hub service. This service will syndicate your property info to over 50 websites.

2) You will receive a report on the 1st and 15th of every month, that shows the metrics on the number of hits the property is getting on the web, and the highest participating websites.

Setting Appointments to show

1) We will arrange for the Showing Time Appointment Center to contact us immediately when an agent requests a showing appointment. The staff will contact you for confirmation of the appointment. One confirmed by you, I will get notification of the showing. After the showing, the staff will email the agent up to three times requesting feedback from the showing.

Download a sample our marketing plan for a thorough review, including marketing materials and reports.